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  1. Hi, I’m from fabric wholesale direct. I was wondering what would be the best email to contact you at to further discuss about a project we are doing. We want to post some of your wonderful projects on our website. Please provide an email address that we can communicate through. Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi, you are very talented and creative!
    My wife wants to have a version of the zig zag dress made for a Gatsby party.
    Would you be interested in doing this?
    We live on the Peninsula.

  3. We saw your wonderful panel discussion “Vintage Style, Not Vintage Values” and are reaching out to inquire about booking you for a livestream presentation for our company, History At Play, LLC ( Please advise on an email contact and I am happy to forward detailed information about our twice-monthly programming that welcomes guest artists from around the world to discuss historical topics. Thank you.

  4. Hello 🙂 i found your page randomly while looking for jedi costume, i was trying to understand what are the different component of it, seriously your costume that you did is absolutly crazy, i would love to know if there would be a possibility that you could create one for me … : P

    I would have absolutly loved to create my own but i have no machine and 0 skills and iam starting to feel that it is time for me to have one…

    I hope that it would be something possible

    I love the color you choosed so much
    Everything is perfect
    You are extremely talented

    • Hi Seb. I’m happy to hear you love my Jedi costume! I work full time so I can’t do a commission for you but I have a local friend who does great Jedi costumes and I will pass your contact info onto her.

      • Aww i understand but you could have made it at your own speed like with no pression whatsoever, iam exited to have it but it could have been like slowly crafted when you have free time, but if its still like that you neeed absolutly all your time for yur own project i so understand that : D thanks for the alternativ, could you send me an email with her site so i can see her previous creation she made , thank you a lot and congratulation for such impressiv skills

        • Thanks for understanding that I barely have enough time to make all the things I want for myself! She doesn’t have all her costumes there (there’s a lot!) but her Instagram is @apatosewrus

          • Hi there iam now thinking about creating my own i have two questions for you 😮 first how much time it took you to create it and have you used only the machine ? And also what kind ov machine would be necessary : o thanks a lot and excuse me to have made you ask your friend, i chosed to wait to be able to make it myself i ll be looking for tutorials and try to make it as much looking as yours iv seen so many model allreidy and yours is just so nice. The fact iam a total beginner i ll have to pratice doing the costume with cheaper material idk if you have any suggestion in this matter

            • I didn’t keep track of my hours and everything was sewn on a machine. Any basic sewing machine will work; you don’t need any fancy stitches or something heavy duty for this. Get bed sheets at the thrift store to practice on because they are cheap. I recommend joining the Facebook group “Art of the Generic Jedi.” They have a lot of advice and resources there and people answer questions.


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