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Costume College 2015 Sunday

Sunday was the last day at Costume College (and the last post in this series). Soon  we can get back to the regular business of sewing!

Sunday morning was the Breakfast with the Bennets event. I brought a Regency dress and originally planned to attend, but I decided to eat breakfast in my room and then line up early at the bargain basement. (On the last day of CoCo, there is a huge garage sale of donated items that benefits the CoCo scholarship fund. There is always a ton of fabric and trims, and various other things like clothes, accessories, and books).

I didn’t have time to make a new dress, so I wore an old one that’s been retrimmed once before. I really should make a new Regency dress. I’ve sold/given away the other ones, and this is my only one at the moment! My matching bonnet also had an unfortunate mishap in the week leading up to the event, so I am bareheaded.

DSCN1918I didn’t take a lot of photos on Sunday, because I was in class for the bulk of the time. In the morning I was in Mela Hoyt-Hayden’s wonderful millinery flowers class. (Afterwards so many of us wanted to get together to make silk velvet flowers!) I also took Kendra’s amusing class on 18th century hats.


The ladies from Colonial Williamsburg had a great class on 18th century mantua-makers, and draped a mantua right in front of us! I was impressed that the cutting was eyeballed, instead of measured.

IMG_5111 IMG_5112 IMG_5113I had a few favorite outfits on Sunday. First, there was this wonderful Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell group.

DSCN1915Look at these cute regency outfits by Abby and Nicole (and check out the dagging on the spencer!)   IMG_5105I love outfits that are simple, but well-done and accurate, and Natalie did a wonderful job of recreating Liotard’s Chocolate Girl painting.

DSCN1927It was an exciting CoCo, and I am looking forward to next year! I already have some outfits planned . . .


Costume College 2015 Saturday

Saturday at Costume College was another great day for seeing lovely costumes! I spent a lot of time chatting, taking photos, and browsing the marketplace. I would have taken more classes, but never underestimate how long it takes to make several costume changes, and feed yourself in between!

I had been thinking of taking the “Haslam System” classes, but slept in, and took my time getting dressed and socializing. Saturday morning I wore my Game of Thrones Kings Landing dress.

DSCN1705DSCN1710 In the middle of the day I attended my limited class “Mysterious Illusions: Creating Seamless Lace Garments,” taught by Rory Cunningham. I also wandered around and ran into many lovely garments, such as these bustle dresses by Merja, Elizabeth, and Jen.

DSCN1746There were mermaids by the pool, and Kim helped one back into the water.DSCN1756I was very excited to see Jenny Rose’s black chemise gown, since I have been planning to make one of my own. I loved making my white chemise so much I want more in other colors!

DSCN1739Before changing into my gala dress for the evening I had one last outfit change: getting into my AAGPBL Kenosha Comets baseball uniform with my teammate Monica!

IMG_5076There were many stunning gowns at the Gala and in the line on the way in. Natalie’s gold and black teens dress is just like a fashion plate!

DSCN1771This Queen of Hearts costume was really awesome in person.

DSCN1796   Lauren and Kaila looked so pretty in their 18th century gowns.

DSCN1767Kendra’s court gown was just faaabulous.DSCN1804And the other court gowns in attendance were quite lovely, too!

DSCN1897At the Gala dinner there were these kooky flower costumes.

DSCN1881I really liked the use of beetle wings on this gown.DSCN1785The green and black looked great together, and the silhouette is just perfect!DSCN1788For the Gala dinner I wore my silk chemise a la reine. I forgot to bring along my blue book, to appear more like the portrait the dress is based on, so I used the purse I had for my Friday Night Social outfit. My wig got a little smashed on the trip down, but I like how the whole ensemble turned out. I am looking forward to making more chemise dresses in various colors of cotton voile!

DSCN1814 DSCN1816More photos from Saturday can be seen on Flickr.

Costume College 2015 Friday

Friday was the first day of classes at Costume College! For the morning several of us dressed in our Downton Abbey maid costumes, and attended our very first class, a panel hosted by Lauren Stowell of American Duchess, Abby Cox of Colonial Williamsburg, Cathy Hay of Your Wardrobe Unlock’d, and Mela Hoyt-Hayden, milliner and costumer.

DSCN1602 DSCN1603I previously posted more pictures and details about my outfit here.DSCN1616I was very excited to see Jen Thompson’s Grey Lady of Ravenclaw costume!

DSCN1628And Loren’s Rita Skeeter costume, complete with a moving Quick Quotes Quill, was another great Harry Potter costume!

DSCN1635I only wore my maid outfit for a few hours, because I changed into casual clothes for my Pomatum, Powder, Cushions, and Caps! class, taught by Abigail Cox, Janea Whitacre, and Nicole Rudolph. It was a great class, and we all left with a cushion for an 18th century hairstyle of our choosing, and powder and pomatum supplies. Plus, we had hair ready for the Friday Night Social!

The lighting washed out the details on my dress, but it is a silk dress inspired by 18th century fashion, but in a shortened version. It has faux pearl beading, lace, and silk and ribbon flowers, with a sack back super hero cape! I wore it with brand new, super pretty Dunmores from American Duchess. Abby helped me a lot with my hair.

DSCN1664Here is a slightly better photo, taken at home. I made this dress a while back, but this was the first time I wore it with panniers instead of round petticoats.

IMG_4996There were so many gorgeous outfits worn that Friday night!  Here are Rebecca, Breanna, and Lauren, spanning several time periods.


Gretchen’s bustle dress was so sporty.


Amanda, Natalie, and Kaila always look lovely.DSCN1687 DSCN1694

Abby’s large hat was full of awesome.DSCN1645Aimee and Loren wore beautiful Game of Thrones dresses.DSCN1649It was great to see Nicole’s jacket in person!DSCN1644Katherine’s entire ensemble was quite pretty.DSCN1662More of my photos can be seen at my Flickr account.

Costume College 2015 Thursday

I am back from Costume College, and all unpacked! There were so many wonderful things that I will have to make multiple posts to summarize the whole event.

We drove down Thursday morning, and 4 of us met up partway down for lunch, and then again at FIDM to check out their costume exhibit. There were a lot of outfits from Emmy-nominated shows (most of which I had never seen), but what we were there to really see were the historical gowns on exhibit. Here are a few of my favorites.

IMG_4999 IMG_5012IMG_5005Check-in at the hotel was an adventure, since their computer system decided to go down on one of their busiest days of the year! Luckily, we did not have to wait too long for our room, although some people who got there earlier had to wait more than 2 hours.

Right before the annual pool party there was a special taping of the Frock Flicks podcast, hosted by Kendra, Sarah, and Trystan. It was a lot of fun.

IMG_5052Effie Trinket (of the Costumer’s Closet) also showed up.

IMG_5054Our Bevy of Bathing Beauties group assembled at the podcast before going down to the pool. We made Victorian bathing suits and took some silly photos!

IMG_5030 IMG_5031Maybe next year we’ll have more than one Bathing Dude.


IMG_5026More details about my outfit were posted previously.

IMG_5038 IMG_5040 IMG_5051

Curtis was the only one brave enough to go into the pool. Some of us feared drowning.IMG_5065Stay tuned for Friday!