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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Baby Name Wall Art for the Nursery

A full nursery reveal post will be up later, but for now I’d like to show you some wall art I made for my baby’s nursery. I wanted his name on the wall, but didn’t want to paint wooden letters.

The nursery is loosely based on a woodland theme, so I made the art to match.


The gold frames are from the dollar store. I hot-glued dried preserved moss mats directly onto the glass, then hot-glued on the other materials.

The O is a bird’s nest with fake eggs.


The T is a mushroom I made out of red wool felt and white linen.

ImageThe second T is cut out of birch bark.

ImageThe last O is made of sola wood flowers, which are wonderfully light-weight. I think I would like to use them for millinery sometime.


The moss, nest, bark and flowers were purchased from Sav-on Crafts.



Navy Regency Bonnet

I’ve finished trimming my straw Regency bonnet with navy and white striped grosgrain ribbon, which I used to decorate the brim with puffed loops, make chin ties and a cockade. The center of the cockade has a faux pearl button, and there are 3 white ostrich feathers.

bonnet side


It is a stovepipe shape, although not a particularly elongated one.

bonnet top

The inside is decorated with venise lace.

bonnet inside

It is my first try at a cockade ornament of this style, and this tutorial at Idle Hands was very useful. I found pinning the cockade on a mousepad when arranging the loops helpful since I do not have a cork board. (I did not iron my loops flat though, because I wanted them to mirror the puffs on the brim).