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Monthly Archives: September 2012

GBACG 18th Century Revolutionary Picnic

Yesterday I attended an 18th-Century themed picnic hosted by the Greater Bay Area Costumer’s Guild.

I wore my recently completed wool riding jacket.


It was in Tiburon, California.  It was a beautiful day with a wedding nearby. Some of the guests occasionally wandered over to ask us what we were doing.

I was wearing my new silk clocked stockings from American Duchess. My leather shoes and reproduction buckles are also made by her.


The shoes are very popular in our local costuming group. I found 5 of us wearing red ones at the picnic!


Some improvements I would like to make for this outfit next time:

– constructing a bum roll (to pad out the back)

– stiffening the jacket to reduce the buckling I saw in the front

– making a new hat

– getting a more appropriate wig

I ran short of time to make or find a “hedgehog wig” used in the late 18th century so I modified my old Marie Antoinette tall poufy wig from last Halloween. Since it’s hollow inside I squished it down, held it in place with black bobby pins and sprayed it with dry shampoo to reduce the shine.

The rest of my pictures from the picnic are located on my Flickr account:


18th Century Inspired Riding Habit Done!

I finished my jacket over a week ago but haven’t gotten around to posting pictures because I was wondering if it needed more cockades. (I might save those for a hat).

The jacket is made of powder blue Merino wool and lined with linen and cotton.


The gold-colored silk skirt was previously made to go with a green dress, hence the ruffled green trim on the bottom.

The cotton lace is vintage and was given to me by a friend.

The cuffs and collar are made from the same embroidered cotton jacquard the false vest is made from. The mini cockades are made from pleated ribbon and gold/silver-colored buttons.






I plan to wear the ensemble at a Revolutionary Picnic hosted by the California Greater Bay Area Costumer’s Guild, along with shoes and stockings from American Duchess.

Vintage Patterns

During Labor Day weekend I went to the Alameda Antiques Fair and bought 2 vintage patterns from the 1950s. I shouldn’t be buying more sewing supplies, but I justified the purchase by telling myself that they will help me use up other sewing supplies. =)


Button Tree Pillow

During my recent jury duty I worked on this button tree pillow while in the waiting room.


I sewed the buttons onto the linen at the courthouse, and then added the trunk and pillow back at home. (I found the printed cotton from a rummage sale years ago).

I slipped the cover over a pillow I already had and hand-stitched the bottom closed.

I got the idea from



I think the BHG one is really nice because the tree is fuller, but that was way more buttons than I wanted to sew on by hand. Plus, I only had a certain number of green buttons.

I wanted mine to look like an apple tree so I mixed in some red buttons. Here’s a close-up!


And a side view.


I already had all the materials on hand so hooray for using up more stuff from my craft supplies stash!