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Button Tree Pillow

During my recent jury duty I worked on this button tree pillow while in the waiting room.


I sewed the buttons onto the linen at the courthouse, and then added the trunk and pillow back at home. (I found the printed cotton from a rummage sale years ago).

I slipped the cover over a pillow I already had and hand-stitched the bottom closed.

I got the idea from



I think the BHG one is really nice because the tree is fuller, but that was way more buttons than I wanted to sew on by hand. Plus, I only had a certain number of green buttons.

I wanted mine to look like an apple tree so I mixed in some red buttons. Here’s a close-up!


And a side view.


I already had all the materials on hand so hooray for using up more stuff from my craft supplies stash!


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  1. Super cute! Glad that you were able to use up more of your crafting stash. I should do the same!

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  3. Love it! And yup, gotta agree with you that jury duty is 1 of the best places to do handwork! I’ve finished my share of handknitted socks waiting for my number to be called 🙂


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