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Costume College is Coming!

There is less than one week left until Costume College! I was unexpectedly sick for a while, then busy with work, so I did not get everything I wanted to completed. However, I am not too disappointed since I do have two new outfits, and I have plenty of old stuff to wear. I think it is a good use of my remaining time to try on outfits and accessories to make sure everything is complete, then pack as I go, to reduce my worry that I’ll show up and realize I’ve forgotten the matching stockings or shoes for a particular outfit.

My tentative plan:

Thursday: Arrive, unpack and put on a retro sailor-themed outfit for the pool party. But which one!? I realized that I have 4 nautical-themed dresses, and that’s only because I sold one. If I count navy-colored dresses I have 6, I think.

Friday: Wear Regency during the daytime and my 1830s Romantic gown for the evening ice cream social. I heard the rooms are AC’d so I hope it’s not too hot to wear my pelisse and bonnet.

Saturday: Wear my WWII-era women’s baseball uniform during the day and 18th century during the evening gala. (I made a waistcoat, but did not finish the embroidery on the frock coat or start the pants, so I am deciding whether to wear my old 18th century male drag outfit, or silk mini-length sack back).

Sunday: Put on a kimono wrapper over casual clothes for Sunday Undies breakfast, then take off the wrapper and run to my morning class on mechanical wings. (It might be messy, so I don’t want to dress too nicely, and didn’t have time to make my steampunk mechanic jumper). After class I’ll get dressed for the tea party. I am wearing a 1920s outfit, and deciding between my pink/green dress and cloche, or white/green dress with big hat.


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