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Costume College: 1920s Tea Party Dress

The dress I wore to the Ladies Ascot Day tea party at Costume College is one I made a few years ago, but it’s taken several wearings to accumulate all the accessories.


It was my first 1920s dress, and I didn’t have a pattern. If I was making it all over again I would make some small changes in the construction, such as to the hipline. Overall, it is a very simple tube-like shape. The dress is made of a semi-sheer green fabric. The bodice is 2 layers of the sheer, and the slip underneath is made of the same fabric, with 2 layers as well.


The neckbow, hem and waist are trimmed with a pink lace.


The waist has a bow, accented by a rhinestone brooch.


The back of the bodice is plain, but the pleats and trimming on the skirt extends all around.


I made the cloche out of the same mint green fabric, lined with a very light canvas. It is decorated with flower appliques and pink ribbon.


The cloche is a little small. One day I’d like to make another slightly larger one.


The purse was a last-minute, hasty project the morning of a Gatsby picnic, so it’s a little crooked. (Shh!) The handle is made of several silver metal necklace cords twisted together.


I think I may have obtained the pink satin gloves at a swap party, and the shoes are an eBay find.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 6.10.02 AM

The ivory necklace is vintage, and features a cool climbing monkey clasp!


Project cost: I don’t know. I made the dress a while back, and didn’t keep any receipts. I did get all the materials from Fabric Depo in El Sobrante, and everything is synthetic, so it was probably quite a bargain. I remember the brooch was $1. Aside from accessories, I wouldn’t be surprised if this cost around $50 or less.


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  1. I loved this dress, hat, monkey necklace…the whole thing! I thought you looked absolutely stunning and totally 1920s!!

    • Thank you Gina! I’m currently working on another 1920s dress. I love how the era has a really simple shape and all the variation is in the trimmings.

      BTW, can I ask if you received an email notification for the last comment you left? I am experiencing something strange going on with my account where I don’t get notified if someone replies to my comments, and I hope it doesn’t mean people don’t know when I reply to their comments.

      • Oh my gosh I am just now reading this…I am so sorry! I have not received any email concerning the comment I left. Or one that you left….that’s interesting isn’t it! I hope it can get resolved!
        I can’t wait to see your next 1920s outfit!! I love this era and it suits you very well!

        • I hope I can find a way to fix it. I try to respond to all comments people leave, and I wouldn’t want people to think I don’t appreciate comments!

          I’m supposed to wear the dress tomorrow and I’m still sewing!


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