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1920s Egyptian Revival and Poiret Cocoon Coat (Part 3) at the Rosicrucian Museum

Yesterday I wore my 1920s Egyptian Revival dress and my Poiret cocoon coat at the GBACG Egyptian Expedition at the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose, CA.IMG_7051

You can read about the finished dress in my previous posts, but to summarize, both the dress and coat are made of silk velvet. I used the Decades of Style Zig-Zag dress pattern and the Folkwear Poiret coat pattern.IMG_6943IMG_6944

I am wearing a vintage fox fur collar and footwear from Royal Vintage Shoes. I felt so glamorous in this coat!IMG_6946


I found a place in the museum that had interesting lighting and gave things a slightly eerie glow.IMG_6981

You can see the double-layered silk chiffon sleeves in this photo.IMG_6980

I am wearing golden bee pins in my hair.IMG_6987

Outdoors in the sun the colors of the coat are more obvious.IMG_7017

Here’s a shot of those gorgeous shoes (I got so many people asking where I got them!) with my matching purse. My vintage-style stockings started to pool and slip just like the real ones.IMG_7021

I came in under budget for the dress, so I splurged a little on the coat materials.

  • 5 yards of silk velvet burnout: $82.50 plus tax (from Fabric Depot in El Sobrante; I still have leftovers)
  • 4 yards heavy blue satin: $12.77 plus tax (from Joann’s at 50% off, with an additional coupon!)
  • Folkwear pattern: $19.95 plus $2.75 shipping (from eBay)
  • Tassle: free! (The place where I bought the velvet threw that in for free)
  • Button, thread: from the stash

Total: $119.12

You can see more photos of our museum adventures on Flickr. My friend Kim also has a very nice photo album here.


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  1. You look amazing! I have epic coat envy. Wow, it came out SO good!! The shoes with the whole thing are the perfect accent, too. Just wonderful!

    • Thank you! I am really pleased how everything came out (even though I want to take a break from sewing velvet for a little while after this!). The shoes from your shop were the perfect finishing touch. They were quite pretty inside but in the sunlight they glowed even more beautifully!

  2. The burnout velvet is amazingly gorgeous. I was hoping you’d found it at Thai Silks in Mountainview (have you been there? Great selection!), because then I might have had a chance of getting some myself on my next trip to visit family!

  3. Your coat is absolutely amazingly lush! You like a very elegant butterfly wrapped up in your “cocoon” ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  4. It looks amazing! Your outfit is so beautifully put together with the accessories, and I love the colours in your coat!

  5. Your dress and coat are stunning, you are such a talented seamstress! I am in awe of the coat and its wonderful fabric in particular. This kind of style does not suit me very well but I am very much in temptation to make one for myself now that I saw your pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

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