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Lady Tremaine and Cinderella Costumes at FIDM

I haven’t been able to personally visit the current FIDM exhibit of the Oscar-nominated films, which includes costumes from Cinderella! I hoped someone would post detailed pictures of Lady Tremaine’s traveling outfit, because I have been wanting a close-up of the seams to help me with my own project.

Lucky me, wishes do come true. Many wonderful pictures have been posted at the Hollywood Movie Costume Blog, and you should definitely check them out!  Jason, the owner of the blog, has graciously allowed me to repost some of the pictures here.

All pictures below are from and belong to the Hollywood Movie Costume Blog; please do not repost without permission from Jason Morgan.

Here is a front view of the bodice. I have been looking but haven’t been able to find any front bodice seams in any of my previous research. I still do not see it here, and based on the puckering I am starting to suspect there are none.

One interesting detail I had not noticed before is the horizontal seam in the elbow of the sleeve. I presume it is to allow for some ease of movement since the sleeve is tightly fitted, however that means if you look carefully the pattern does not match.lady tremaine hat Cinderella costume

Here is a great shot of Lady Tremaine’s hat and veil; you can see it is translucent. There appears to be some padding in the shoulders of the bodice to make it stand out a bit. The elbow seam is more obvious here.Cinderella lady tremaine costume

This back view shows that the bodice opens in the back. There is one long seam down the center back, possibly closed with hooks and eyes or a hidden zipper?Cinderella movie hats

Please take a look at the Hollywood Movie Costume Blog for additional photos. I will also be updating my costume analysis page with these photos!


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