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Lady Tremaine’s Bodice

Costume College is in 2 days! I finished my bodice a few days ago but today was the first time I tried on all the pieces of my Lady Tremaine outfit: bodice, underskirt, overskirt, chemise, bra, waist cincher, bum pad, stockings, shoes, gloves, hat, veil, earrings, scarf, pin, and bracelet. I hope the AC is turned on at the hotel! I’m busy packing and doing other preparations so after CoCo I will make a full post about the outfit and other details.

So sparkly! (The bodice is hand-sewn because of the sequins).image

The back closes with a separating zipper. I was worried about having hooks and eyes snag on the sequins, so a friend had the genius idea of using a jacket zipper that pulls apart! The waist has some extra room in it because the two velvet waistbands for the skirts are rather thick. (The outer skirt has 2 layers of organza and 2 layers of satin pleated into the waistband, which makes it extra bulky).image

And an in-progress shot:image

See you at Costume College!


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  1. Absolutely fantastic! How is the adhesion of the flocking working out on the sequins? Did you have any problems with peeling?

    • Thanks Cindy! It didn’t stick as smoothly as the flocking on the sequins since the surface was bumpy, but they are sticking. Some places I had to go over with the iron a second time, especially the edges. I haven’t worn it yet except to try it on so I hope it survives the stress test!

  2. WHAT??????!!!! That was all the photos you are sharing! That’s it! I am never speaking to you again!!!
    Hahahaha…ok, I’m only half way teasing. I soooooooo cannot WAIT to see your whole outfit on you! I am sure you are going to knock their socks off! Le Swooooon!!! You have done such a fabulous job on this project and I can’t believe all the things you have to wear with it! Now I wish I was going to Coco!!!

  3. This is turning out so nicely! I’m sad I won’t get to see it in person. How are you cutting out your flowers? I’ve never heard of that flocking stuff before but now I want to put it on everything!

    • Thanks Sahrye! I’m cutting the flowers using a Silhouette Portrait machine. It’s the smaller version of the Cameo machine and has a 9 inch width. If you need larger stuff the Cameo is 12 inches I believe.

  4. Looks wonderful so far; I can’t wait to see the photos of the full ensemble!

  5. So loved seeing it in person!

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  7. Hi! Lovely job!!! I was wondering where did you get the floral design for the entire dress.. I work with Dolls and I am trying to recreate this dress in miniature version. Did you make them yourself or did you find them somewhere.. Also, what did you used to cut them so perfectly? Thanks!


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