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1830s Romantics at the PEERS Victorian Gothic Ball

This weekend I went to the PEERS Victorian Gothic Ball. We were invited to wear 1830s or 1840s clothing and dance the night away, along with actors portraying characters from Jane Eyre and readings by Mr. Edgar Allen Poe and other poets. There is a mini-reunion of our Hopeless Romantics group, along with a few new ladies in 1830s clothing.IMG_9359

I wasn’t quite sure until a few hours before the ball that I would be wearing that particular dress because I had a back injury and could not wear a corset or spend a lot of time with my arms above my head doing elaborate hair. Luckily I already had an easy hairpiece from a previous outing (with a tutorial here) and managed to squeeze myself into the dress sans corset by shifting my petticoats down a bit. The silhouette is not perfect, but I made it to the ball!IMG_9365I am wearing jewelry from Dames a la Mode and Pemberly slippers from American Duchess.

I tried to pose like a serious portrait.IMG_9308

A close-up of the hair and jewelry.IMG_9307

And I shall end with the delightfully silly menu from the bar that evening.IMG_9301


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  1. Oh back injuries are not fun at all! I am glad you were able to go anyway. I really like how your hair complements the lace at your neckline.

    The cocktail menu is really cute, the ‘Grace is drunk again’ looks very similar to my favourite drink.

  2. Everyone looks fantastic! The details, hair and accessories really make the outfit. And I love the sleeves on your dress!
    Sorry about your back, though – it’s great that you still managed to go.

  3. Cynthia L. Mullins

    Dear Vivien,
    I love your designs, and beautifully feminine, historic clothing. Sorry to hear about your back injury. Glad you could attend your funtion anyway. I am approximately 10 pages from finishing my book, which is about 820 pages long or 350,000 words more or less, containing both part one that takes place in England, and part two that takes place in Colonial Brazil. The cover is almost done, but the light skirt kept coming our rather brown on the proofs, so I have experimented with making it blue like the habit jacket. I would like to send you the proof cover picture and see what you think. The skirt is a bit wider, because the heroine has a propensity to ride her stallion astride, when no one in around to witness her shockingly unladylike equestrian prowess. I totally love the way your habit looks on the cover, and remembered you said the skirt was something you had previously from another costume, so I hoped you would not mind how the jacket looks with a matching blue skirt.

    If you would like to see it, email me and I will send you a picture. I also made it with another style skirt from the side view just for fun, as I was trying to learn to use my Corel Paint Shop Pro X 7 and make a portrait like likeness of my heroine. If you would ever consider selling the habit coat, I would love to buy it as a keep-sake. I actually have ridden since I could walk, and have ridden sidesaddle a few times as well, though Hunt Seat and teaching disabled riders is my forte.

    Keep making lovely, inspiring costumes, I hope your back feels better soon.

    Cynthia L. Mullins

    • Hi Cynthia, congratulations on almost finishing your book! It’s quite an accomplishment. I would love to see your cover! And yes, I will sell you my riding habit if you wish. I will send you an email.

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