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1940s Star Trek TNG (Film Noir Costumes)

Last Saturday was the 1940s PEERS Ball, and my “crew” and I wore our 1940s Star Trek mashup outfits! (From left to right: Riker, Data, Troi, Red Shirt, Dixon Hill, Wesley, Dr. Crusher, and Geordi).IMG_8018

I was very worried that I couldn’t get the hair right, but with some tips from friends, a lot of foam curlers, and the magic setting lotion Lottabody I felt fabulous!IMG_8058

My hair was so fluffy you can’t see the vintage Bakelite dome earrings I’m wearing. They are mustard-colored and match the ring.IMG_8010IMG_8011

Here we are all so serious! IMG_8021

I had enough leftover fabric to give to Breanna so we could match! Her use of silver netting for Geordi’s visor was so clever!IMG_8038

Dr. Crusher made a dress and a coat!IMG_7997

Although Wesley was not so impressed by Mom.IMG_8029

Troi and sexy Riker got a little frisky!IMG_8055

Riker had to do the signature weird chair leaping!IMG_8067

And every away mission needs a Red Shirt!IMG_7993

All the ladies in our group made their own dresses from vintage or altered patterns. We had a wonderful time and I definitely want to wear my outfit again to Costume College!

See the rest of the photos on my Flickr account.

You can read about how I made my dress: Part 1, 2, 3.


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  1. OMG! You really nailed it! Absolutely love the pictures — and I could tell everyone who was in ‘uniform” which character they were. And LOL at the classic ‘Riker-pose’ attempt.

  2. These outfits and idea are fabulous and I love everything about them!!

  3. Ok!! Seriously? This is brilliant! You look smashing! Your hair is WOW and your dress? Fabulous! What a fun project…now I have decide if I want to do your vintage Star Trek, or the Victorian Star Trek….decisions, decisions! This totally made my night. Everyone is just beyond epic!!

  4. So, someone’s already made the ‘Star Trek: The Greatest Generation’ joke, right?

  5. love this whole set! what an amazing idea

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