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Regency/Napoleonic Court Train (Part 2) 98% Done!

My Regency/Napoleonic court train is nearly done! (I am just missing a proper brooch closure for the front; right now the straps are pinned into place).IMG_2285

I apologize for the weird lighting. I recently changed some of the lighting in my house to LED bulbs, which is great for my energy bill but not for the color of my pictures.

Don’t you just loooove the way silk velvet drapes?IMG_2276

Here is a shot with my court dress previously described here.IMG_2301

A reminder of what the gown alone looks like:b

I hope to get proper photos of the whole ensemble at Costume College.IMG_2307

Here is another mmm silk photo since I love the back so much.IMG_2278

I used Butterick B4890 to get the teardrop shape, but did not use the bodice portion of the pattern. I opted for the shoulder and underbust straps I saw in extant examples of court trains. I also decided to have a more “modest” length train since I will be using this at Costume College and it will be easier to navigate the crowds.

I can’t wait to wear this!IMG_2297

I still have to make a matching regency diadem and I have a pearl jewelry set on the way. Once that’s taken care of I can finally start on my gala gown!


(I will do my usual final tally of project costs once the whole ensemble is actually complete, but it is nearly there).


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  1. Tamara S Criswell

    Just fabulous! I love the color and edging

  2. Well, this is just gorgeous. Thank you for posting the whole ensemble! It’s remarkable how the color of the velvet brings out the rosy tint of the beading. Brilliantly done, you! Can’t wait for pix of your grand entrance at Costume College ヽ(*^ω^*)ノ

  3. Omg it is so gorgeous. And is that full silk velvet? A lot of what I’ve seen around is rayon silk blend velvet (which is also lovely, but not what I’d like). I think I have loved watching this outfit grow better than any other. Congrats!

    • Thanks Tegan! It is a rayon silk blend, which is what nearly all “silk velvet” is nowadays. If you know a source for 100% silk velvet I’d love to know. The only one I can think of is Scalamandre and that is outside my price range!

  4. Sharon Redgrave

    This is an absolutely stunning ensemble!! You have worked so hard that you deserve every gasp of delight you get, and I’m sure there will be many. The combination of colors is fantastic. Truly a royal court creation! Brava!

  5. Looking very regal and sumptuous – hurrah!

  6. This is so stunning and the color combo is unique and perfect! All the trim and bling is beautiful and very well balanced.I can’t wait to see this at CoCo 🙂


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