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Beaded Regency Court Dress (Part 3)

I’m still working on the rest of the court ensemble but at least my dress is complete! B.JPG

I didn’t have all my accessories yet at the time so I wore a pearl tiara I had instead of a Regency diadem and did a quick updo. (My next post will be about Regency diadems; I got together with a group of friends for a tiara-making day).D.JPG

You can read Parts 1 and 2 for more information, but to summarize a few details, my dress is made up of one layer of beaded and sequined mesh, an interlining of seam foam chiffon, and a lining of cotton voile. It is made from Butterick B6074 View B, with some modifications:

  • I combined some pattern pieces to minimize seams in the beaded fabric.
  • I skipped the gathered overlay on the bodice which is recommended for solid fabrics.
  • I raised the back neckline about 1 inch.
  • I extended the bottom front bodice about 1 inch since I was not trying to achieve the tiny bodice/pushup bra look.

Note: Butterick B6074 runs large! It has a lot of ease built in for the modern wearer. I recommend going down 2 sizes.


For undergarments I am wearing a shift, short stays, a corded petticoat and a ruffled petticoat. I normally would not wear a corded petticoat with Regency but this dress is heavy.

I have decided to go with a rose velvet for the train, and I have been spending far too much time searching for pink velvets, getting swatches, and looking for trim. However, I think we have a winner. IMG_1185.JPG

I still need to order the rest of the fabric and find the trim, but I’ve purchased lining and have the pattern ready. I’m mulling over whether I should use my leftover beads and sequins to decorate the trim, but that may be madness speaking.

By the way, in case you think my life is glamorous, here’s a peek at real life (bad posture, clutter, and photobombing) vs. the cropped version of a selected few pictures for the blog!img_1155


I wrote a tutorial for this dress, which Fabric Wholesale Direct spiffed and made into this post on their website! 

All the fabric I used for this project is from Fabric Wholesale Direct. Thank you!


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  1. Simply lovely! How much do you figure your regency dress weighs?

  2. You will be the bell of the ball! Your work is truly lovely!

  3. This is fantastic! One of my favorite Regency reproduction gowns I’ve seen. I wanted to try this style (beaded sheer fabric overlay) but I knew my skill set and time frame weren’t there yet. This is inspiring!

    • Thank you Jane! I’m flattered it’s inspiring to you. If you want to try your hand at a sheer dress I’d recommend you do a solid dress and then reuse the pattern for a sheer dress to make things easier!

  4. You look beautiful – the fabrics are simply gorgeous! I love how it will be paired with a pink velvet train, it really is a winner. I’m really looking forward to seeing your diadem post, too.

  5. What an outstanding creation! As a retired Costume designer for stage, I am aghast at your perseverance, patience, and sense of calm (“What do you MEAN I have to unstitch the entire skirt?!”). Been there, done that, but not with beaded net fabric! Truly a joy to behold, and most hearty congratulations! Have enjoyed every step of your journey–look forward to the cape!

  6. Lovely! Great job!

  7. This is my first time to your blog! I had to subscribe immediately. Where did you get your tiara? I have trouble finding non-costumey ones to use.

  8. That is a lovely dress you did such a stunning and fantastic job on it! I can’t wait to see the train!

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  10. This is absolutely stunning!!!!!

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  12. Wow! Looks fun! I’ve decided to nominate you for the Sunshine Blogger award! Take a look at my post for my details!


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