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1660s Cavalier Gown

I’m still recovering from eye surgery so this post will be brief. I’ll post more pictures and construction details when I get back from Costume College.

Here is a quick look at the bodice! I can’t see well enough to make a lot of tiny hand-sewn eyelets in the back, so someone will have to sew me into my dress before the Gala. IMG_2904

I already packed my petticoats and bum roll so I don’t have a mounted picture of the skirt.  I cartridge-pleated it, left the front part that goes under the center bodice tab flat, and hid closures in the pleats. (I have side openings for pocket access).IMG_2911

My hair in its hat box looks like braaaains!IMG_2903.JPG

See you at Costume College!


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  1. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Sharon Redgrave

    Looks fab! Can’t wait to see the whole thing. And have a blast; one of these years I’ll get to C.C.!! Old Costumers never die, they just “fume-fade”. : )

  3. My my, this looks gorgeous!!! The cartridge pleats look fearsome to make, I admire how beautifully you’ve made them – did they take up a lot of time to do?

    • Hi Rosa, thank you! Yes, cartridge pleats can be time-consuming but they’re not hard once you understand the concept. The gingham ribbon trick (see my previous post) also speeds things up. I like to do mine while watching TV. =)


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