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Costume College Recap (Part 1)

I am back and mostly unpacked from Costume College. It was so much fun and so much happened I will have to break everything up into multiple posts: Thursday/Friday recap, Saturday/Sunday recap, final details and summary about my Napoleonic ensemble, final post about my Cavalier dress, and a “loot” post about the goodies and antiques I managed to snag from the dealer’s hall and bargain basement. You have been warned!

I traveled down on Thursday with Natalie (frolicking_frocks) and Kelsey (irreverentvintagegirl)IMG_2941

After checking in and unpacking we ran over to the exhibit hall, where I was invited to display my Lady Tremaine costume. There were other really talented costumers in the room so please see my Flickr account for more photos!IMG_2944

My travel companions helped me dress and pad the mannequin, plus make boob-arms.IMG_2942

Later that night at the pool party my 1940s Star Trek group had a revival, with a new addition of a galaxy by Christina of The Laced Angel.IMG_2948

We passed out custom badge ribbons.IMG_3033.JPG

I didn’t take many photos at the pool party because of the lighting, but look at these great Reys!IMG_2964.JPG

Friday started out with fun. (I wore a traditional embroidered German dirndl with a vintage 1930s apron) and Stratford shoes from American Duchess (affiliate link).IMG_3036

Maybe too much fun (with Elizabeth/peachassassin’s codpiece).IMG_3001.JPG

Kim had a really cute 60s coverup and Tab soda. (The overall theme for CoCo was the 60s). It’s hard to see in the picture but underneath there is an adorable gingham bikini top and shorts beach set.IMG_3023

I took two great classes during the day: “Beyond the Fringe: Unravelling the Myth of the 1920s Flapper” by Leimomi Oakes and “Finishing Your 18th Century Look” by Abby Cox. I would highly recommend any classes taught by these ladies.

That evening I finally wore my completed Napoleonic court gown and train. (I’ll post more photos and a final summary later, but you can see my other construction notes along the way).IMG_3153IMG_3146

My pearl necklace and earrings were made by Gloria of Inthelongrun.IMG_3192.JPG

There were so many incredible costumes at the Friday Night Social I can’t post them all so here’s a selection.

Natalie as Dolores from Westworld and Kelsey as Annie Oakley.IMG_3172

The awesome Adria Renee in her take on Star War’s Orson Krennic.IMG_3178

This great Outlander gown.IMG_3135

Some awesome Barbarellas by diystopia, Elizabeth, and Cynthia of Redthreaded.

Look at this amazing cord and soutache ensemble by Kelsey!

And we ended the evening with kigurumi shenanigans at the Pink Drink party!IMG_3204


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  1. Sharon Redgrave

    OMG that looks like SO much fun!!! The Costumer’s heart in me did a severe pitter-pat. Everyone looks so well turned out, and so inventive; the conversations between you guys must be amazing. I would intensely love to do this some year. Your Napoleonic ensemble outshone it all, in my humble opinion. Now to the practical stuff–where do I get information on next years? Registration, fees needed, what costumes required,etc. If there is any way you can point me in the approximate direction I will be forever at your service! Thanks and looking forward to the next bit of news!

    • Hi Sharon, I hope you can come! It’s a really fun time with a lot of really nice people. I’m glad you like my Napoleonic ensemble! I’ve got some more amazing stuff to post from other people though; the Gala night is where a lot of people pull out all the stops!

      Here’s the CoCo website:

      Next year’s date is July 26-30, 2018 and it is in Woodland Hills as always. The theme is “Dressing the Royals” but you don’t need to follow it. Classes will be announced later.

      People wear costumes to the Thursday Pool Party, Friday Night Social, Saturday Gala dinner, and Sunday tea party, but costumes are not required for daytime classes unless you want to. The dinner and tea are optional and cost extra.

  2. Your gown is breathtaking! A couple of my friends were able to go this year, I am hoping to join them next time.

  3. I kinda fangirled you (and the rest of these fabulous people) from afar all weekend 😀 (Except the lady in the Outlander gown, she was one of my travel buddies from my city!) Your court gown was so beautiful! (I was wearing the blue skant on Thursday night, I know we crossed paths very very very briefly lol)

    • Hi! I’m so glad you like my court gown. =) Oh I wish you would have introduced yourself! I am really bad at recognizing faces, even when I follow someone’s social media account, especially when people keep changing wigs and makeup during CoCo. Please say hello next time and let me know who you are.

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  5. Interesting post, are you an aspiring costume designer? 🙂


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