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Lady Tremaine at Costume College

For the red carpet and gala dinner at Costume College last week I wore my finished Lady Tremaine costume! I mostly do historical costume, but I enjoyed doing cosplay as Cinderella’s stepmother. I started this project last year, and it was So Much Work making all the layers and pieces, and cutting out and applying all the floral appliques on the bodice, skirt, and hat, but it was worth it in the end!IMG_8853IMG_8854IMG_8856IMG_8857

(You can make your own too! At the end of this post I list all the materials and tutorials for the skirts).

I’ve made a number of posts (linked at the bottom) with construction details, but a quick recap of what this costume entails:

  • sequined bodice with black flocking appliques
  • black velvet column skirt
  • overskirt with 2 layers of green satin and 2 layers of black organza, with green flocking appliques
  • giant hat with 2 layers of sinamay and 1 layer of organza, with black flocking appliques, feathers, and birds
  • giant velvet bustle pad
  • velvet scarf
  • suede gloves
  • citrine jewelry: earrings, brooch, bracelet
  • wig



My wig was a little small for my large head, but my friend Natalie still did an amazing job styling my wig! She used a large hair rat to make a big roll in the back, then did a few pincurls.  Here’s a few shots from the hotel room.IMG_8793IMG_8799IMG_8800

The earrings and brooch are vintage, while my gloves and bracelet are new.IMG_8971


When lining up for the red carpet I ran into another Lady Tremaine!IMG_8804

I didn’t have time to put in boning, and I have terrible posture, so whenever I slouched you could see the bodice wrinkling. My improvements wish list for next time are boning, maybe some black crystals around the flowers (just like the movie version), and possibly a a larger wig.

At the end of the evening I found a shoeshine stand in the hotel to sit on. I felt like a shoe advertisement. “Lady Tremaine prefers American Duchess.” (I am wearing the black tango boots).IMG_8909

I am looking forward to wearing this again!

Ok, the final tally! I normally spend about $100 per costume, but this was a very special project, with its own special budget, and not something I would make every year. Some techniques were new to me, and there was also some trial and error, with some materials purchased but ultimately not used. So here is the list (including some Amazon affiliate links)!

Main materials ($240.14 total):

  • 8 yards green crepe back satin: $23.92 (from Fabric Wholesale Direct)*
  • 10 yards black crystal organza: $19.99 (from FWD)
  • 2 yards black micro velvet: $17.98 (from FWD)
  • 2 yards silky habutai lining: $3.58 (from FWD)
  • Shipping for above: $12.95 (from FWD)
  • 2 yards sequin fabric: $29 including shipping (from Etsy)
  • 5 yards green heat-transfer flocking: $51.80 including shipping from Imprintables Warehouse
  • 2 rolls black heat transfer flocking: $31.64 (including tax from Amazon)
  • 4 yards horsehair braid: $27.41 (from Fabric Depo, a local store)
  • Vintage Pattern Lending Library basque pattern: $15 including shipping (from a Facebook destash group)
  • Green zipper: $6.87 including shipping (from eBay; I eventually got a different one from a friend but still paid for this one)

Not used ($76.80 total):

  • 5 sheets neon green flocking: $21.95 including shipping (from Etsy)
  • 10 yards black Mistyfuse:$21.85 (from Etsy and eBay)
  • 2.2 yards green felt: $33 including shipping (from Etsy)

Hat materials ($77.56 total):

Accessories, not including shoes ($70.87 total):

FINAL COST: $465.37 (holy crap)

FINAL COST – NOT USED: $388.57 (getting better)

*Fabric Wholesale Direct very kindly gave me all the satin, organza, and velvet for free in exchange for two tutorials I wrote for the velvet skirt and the overskirt so if I subtract out what they gave me  . . .

FINAL FINAL COST: $310.15 (slightly less scary, but still not a frequent endeavor)

And 40 yards of materials!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading this monster post! Stay tuned for posts from 4 days of Costume College!

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  1. This dress is fabulous! Looking at the movie screencaps you completely nailed it, from colors to tiny details. It’s super recognizable as being that dress.

  2. Holy Smoly! You did an amazing job and look fantastic. Thanks for linking the tutorials, I will peruse them next week when life calms down.

    • Thank you Cindy! Yes, there’s a lot to dig through. I didn’t realize until the end how many posts I did!

      • It was well worth it! I thought I was actually going to do LT for this September comic con, but I got roped into doing Dolores Umbridge for the Harry Potter group instead (*SHUDDER!*). I know if I included the cost of materials I bought, but didn’t use for my costumes, I would cry. 😉

  3. Awesome! The finished result is absolutely fabulous and imo well worth the price. Well done!

  4. You look absolutely STUNNING!! I’ve followed your tutorial and I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time out to post and walk us through it! You’ve created a flawless replica! Ever since the movie came out last year there were 3 dresses that I swore to the heavens I would make. This Lady Tremaine dress, Cinderella’s blue butterfly dress, and Lady Tremaine’s blue get up. Not only did I fall in love with Sandy Powell’s designs but I’m also a HUGE Cate Blanchett fan, so that made me want to create it even more!
    So for a year I’ve been putting it off because I didn’t know how to go about doing so until I stumbled across your beautiful blog! Thank you so much posting this!!

    • Thank you very much! For me costuming is about meeting new friends and sharing ideas so I’m so glad I could help. Please, when you finish your dress let me know. I’d love to see it!

  5. Birda N (the 'other' Lady T.)

    You did a spectacular job on your ensemble. Brilliantly executed. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing & inspirational construction journey.

  6. How utterly fabulous!

  7. You totally killed this!!! I am so gob smacked at this outfit Vivien!!! I wish I could have been there to see it in person!! It all came together so fabulously and all, ALL your hard work and detailing totally paid off!!! All those hand cut appliques… My head is spinning at the very thought of it all!!! Job so very well done!

  8. You look absolutely amazing! The costume has turned out so well; looks almost identical to the original!!

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